[Rd] shared libraries: missing soname

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Nov 22 05:17:35 CET 2016


I will try to let this be my last message in this thread.  Just to clarify:

On 22 November 2016 at 00:02, Joseph Mingrone wrote:
| These are also not fatal errors on FreeBSD, where everything, for now, also just
| works.  ...until a library's interface changes.  You seem to be arguing that
| sonmaes are pointless.  We disagree.

You are putting words in my mouth. In my very first reply to you, I pointed
out that (for non-BSD systems at least) the sonames do not matter as R loads
the libraries itself, rather than via ldd.  No more, no less.

Just like just about everybody else, I believe strongly in common use of
sonames _for normal libraries_. R, however, uses dynamic loading of _its
extension modules_ outside of the system use and has its own system of
dependency management and versioning.

| I can't say for certain (I'm not an rkward user), but looking at the build

Why did _you_ then bring up rkward as an example? That was your suggestion.

| log, it seems to.  Do you have R built as a shared library?

Yes, always.
| Here are select lines from rkward's build log:

I am not sure what point you are trying to make.

Please consider myself withdrawn from this discussion.

Thank you,  Dirk

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