[Rd] Dialect for shell scripts

Rodrigo Tobar rtobar at icrar.org
Tue Dec 19 02:35:15 CET 2017

Hi all,

Thanks to all for your responses. As pointed out by a few of you, using 
expr is indeed safer, and is what we ended up using in our script to get 
it accepted in CRAN.

On 19/12/17 07:26, peter dalgaard wrote:
> (I suspect that the text in WRE is actually older than the current POSIX standard, which is what causes confusion as to what constitutes a Bourne shell. It may be worth editing it to say that we are in fact more restrictive than current POSIX.)

This was exactly my point, and I think it would be great to have this 
clarified in the manual to avoid any unsuspected surprises during 
package submission. Since R expectations are naturally aligned with 
autoconf's it would be worth noting that, and maybe also pointing to the 
resource pointed at by Iñaki.

I think the discussion about supported OSs is also an interesting one, 
but is greater than just about this particular subject.



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