[Rd] SUGGESTION: Use JIRA for Bug Reporting, Package Development and Project Management

Thu Jun 8 12:31:59 CEST 2017

Dear R Developers,

I started programming in R just last January, for which I read (, summarized and memorized) 2 incredible R Programming books: "R Cookbook" and "R Graphics Cookbook".

However, I did before know how to program in MariaDB SQL language, and had submitted for their bug platform previously some bugs (https://jira.mariadb.org/projects/MDEV/issues), which is based on JIRA:


On the other hand, R has the mailing list, which is really simple, but:
a) I found it really difficult at first to understand how it worked.
b) I feel it does not fully respect the privacy of the package maintainers.
c) And it can give place to e-mail Spam.

In fact, Rstudio has disabled bug.report(package = "somePkg") command in order to avoid misuse.

That is why I would suggest that, being JIRA free for Open Source Projects such as R:


It would be really worth it to start using this modern platform gradually instead of Bugzilla, or the mailing lists, for new R developed packages.

This would imply a considerable change to the R community, but I really think it would be worth it, and would help it to improve and be even greater. Although I might be wrong, and there might be different point of views which could be better than mine. However, I do sincerely think that testing this platform instead of Bugzilla would be really worth it.

Hope my suggestion is useful.

Kind regards,
Juan Telleria

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