[Rd] How to do a "Box's M" Test with

Morkus morkus at protonmail.com
Fri Oct 27 14:10:02 CEST 2017

Trying to get past a frustrating error to do a "simple" Box's M test using Java.

The Box's M test says it will work with a data.frame.

Here's the setup code:

REXP myDf = REXP.createDataFrame(new RList(
new REXP[]
new REXPDouble(d1),
new REXPDouble(d2),
new REXPDouble(d3),
new REXPDouble(d4),
new REXPInteger(d5)

Here's the call:

REXP boxMResult = rConnection.eval( "boxM(" + myDf+ "[,-5], " + myDf + " [, 5])");

But, I keep getting syntax errors.

If this code isn't right, how do you build a data.frame R will like?  No examples I can find, anywhere.

Not sure what to try next. I've tried just sending a string with everything commented, but nothing I've tried works.

Can anyone please suggest something to try?

Thanks in advance.

- M

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