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If you want to determine where the warning is generated, I think it's easiest to run R with options(warn=2).
In that case all warnings are converted to errors, and you have more debugging tools, e.g. you can run traceback() to see the calling stack, or use options(error=recover).
Hope you can catch it.

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On 15/08/2018, 02:57, "R-devel on behalf of Ronald Barry" <r-devel-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of rpbarry using alaska.edu> wrote:

      My R package has been showing warnings of the form:
    `validspamobject()` is deprecated. Use `validate_spam()` directly
    None of my code uses the function validspamobject, so it must be a problem
    in another package I'm calling, possibly spam or spdep.  Has this problem
    occurred with other people?  It doesn't have any deleterious effect, but
    it's annoying.  In particular, how do I determine which package is causing
    this warning?  Thanks.
    Ron B.
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