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To throw a very small pennyworth into this debate, the metRology package I maintain uses mixed case to highlight R for that community when I'm talking about, or citing it. R takeup in that community is not yet high and the visible reminder  seems to help. 

I'll obviously accept a consensus decision for some other case convention taken on sound technical grounds, but if this is essentially an aesthetic matter I'd prefer not to change it for someone else's idea of what looks pretty and what doesn’t. 

Steve Ellison

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> Naming policies are always tricky. The one proposed by Hadley, as the one
> proposed by Google, are usable but not optimal according to most common
> needs, that are
> 1. Name a package
> 2. Name a class
> 3. Name a function
> 4. Name a parameter of a function
> 5. Name a variable
> ...

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