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Wed Jun 26 16:34:46 CEST 2019

Hello, All:

       What's the status and future plans for R-Forge?

       I ask primarily because a problem I reported May 15 and 17 via 
two different channels has yet to be fixed, and it prevents my 
development versions of the Ecdat and Ecfun packages from building -- 
because the Windows version cannot find "Matrix";  see below. 
Secondarily, the version of R that R-Forge tried to use earlier today 
was 3.5.3 -- NOT the current version.

       Assuming you recommend migrating to GitHub, do you have a 
preferred procedure?  I found 
"https://gist.github.com/friendly/7269490".  This says it was "Last 
active 2 years ago" but seems to be the most current advice I can find 
on this right now.  That looks complicated, but I assume it preserves 
the edit history on R-Forge. ???

       Spencer Graves

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Subject: 	Error : package 'Ecfun' could not be loaded
Date: 	Fri, 17 May 2019 18:41:12 -0500
From: 	Spencer Graves <spencer.graves using prodsyse.com>
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       Your Windows platform cannot find "Matrix" and other packages.  See:


       I reported this to your Support tracker two days ago:


       Can someone please fix this?

       Or is it now the official policy of R-Forge to ask people to go 
someplace else, e.g., GitHub?

       From what I know, the basic design of R-Forge is vastly superior 
to GitHub for packages submitted to CRAN.  However, I've encountered 
numerous reliability problems with R-Forge in recent years.

       Spencer Graves

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