[Rd] R problems with lapack with gfortran

Thomas Koenig tkoen|g @end|ng |rom netco|ogne@de
Sat May 11 17:04:06 CEST 2019


gfortran trunk and 9-branch now have an option to automatically
generate C prototypes for old-style F77 procedures.  I just did

for a in *.f; do gfortran -fsyntax-only -fc-prototypes-external $a > 
${a%.f}.h; done

in the src/modules/lapack directory.  This generates header
files which contain prototypes like

int ilaenv_ (int *ispec, char *name, char *opts, int *n1, int *n2, int 
*n3, int *n4, size_t name_len, size_t opts_len);
void dlacn2_ (int *n, double *v, double *x, int *isgn, double *est, int 
*kase, int *isave);
void dlaln2_ (int_least32_t *ltrans, int *na, int *nw, double *smin, 
double *ca, double *a, int *lda, double *d1, double *d2, double *b, int 
*ldb, double *wr, double *wi, double *x, int *ldx, double *scale, double 
*xnorm, int *info);
void dlabad_ (double *small, double *large);
void drscl_ (int *n, double *sa, double *sx, int *incx);
void dlatrs_ (char *uplo, char *trans, char *diag, char *normin, int *n, 
double *a, int *lda, double *x, double *scale, double *cnorm, int *info, 
size_t uplo_len, size_t trans_len, size_t diag_len, size_t normin_len);

which could serve as the basis for adjusting the calling sequence
for the C bindings to what the compiler expects.

I checked, and it appears that at least ifort uses the same convention
as gfortran 8/9 regarding character argument passing.



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