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Sun Sep 8 19:19:41 CEST 2019


Thanks, but I am unsure this helps.

The point I am making is that an R error (about a missing value where a
boolean would be expected), originating from the package methods, is not
informative. This is indicating that a core R function involved in the
loading of an R packages may receive invalid arguments, and rather than the
current situation I believe that such invalid arguments should be
identified earlier with a more meaningful error message (as in an error
message leading to the root of the issue) produced.


Le dim. 8 sept. 2019 à 12:58, William Dunlap <wdunlap using tibco.com> a écrit :

> Look at section 6.1 of the R Installation and Admin manual.
> 6.1 Default packages
> The set of packages loaded on startup is by default
> > getOption("defaultPackages")
> [1] "datasets"  "utils"     "grDevices" "graphics"  "stats"     "methods"
> (plus, of course, *base*) and this can be changed by setting the option
> in startup code (e.g. in ~/.Rprofile). It is initially set to the value
> of the environment variable R_DEFAULT_PACKAGES if set (as a
> comma-separated list). Setting R_DEFAULT_PACKAGES=NULL ensures that only
> package *base* is loaded.
> Changing the set of default packages is normally used to reduce the set
> for speed when scripting: in particular not using *methods*will reduce
> the start-up time by a factor of up to two. But it can also be used to
> customize R, e.g. for class use. Rscript also checks the environment
> variable R_SCRIPT_DEFAULT_PACKAGES; if set, this takes precedence over
> Bill Dunlap
> TIBCO Software
> wdunlap tibco.com
> On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 8:42 AM Laurent Gautier <lgautier using gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When starting an embedded R I encounter the following issue under certain
>> conditions:
>> ```
>> Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘utils’ in if (.identC(class1,
>> class2) || .identC(class2, "ANY")) TRUE else {:
>>  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
>> ```
>> (more such errors for grDevices, graphics, and stats)
>> And in the end:
>> ```
>> Warning messages:
>> 1: package ‘utils’ in options("defaultPackages") was not found
>> 2: package ‘grDevices’ in options("defaultPackages") was not found
>> 3: package ‘graphics’ in options("defaultPackages") was not found
>> 4: package ‘stats’ in options("defaultPackages") was not found
>> ```
>> While the embedded R appears functional, no package can be loaded.
>> The erorr message from R (`missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed`)
>> suggests
>> that R should be able to catch the underlying issue (I am yet to find what
>> it is) earlier and with this make the task of troubleshooting easier.
>> Best,
>> Laurent
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