[Rd] passing extra arguments to devtools::build

Michael Friendly |r|end|y @end|ng |rom yorku@c@
Fri Sep 27 15:18:16 CEST 2019

This question was posed on SO : 
but there has been no useful reply.

Something seems to have changed in the |devtools|package, so that the 
following commands, that used to run now give an error I can't decipher:

filename,directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect. Error 
in(function(command =NULL,args =character(),error_on_status 
=TRUE,:System command error|

I've tried other alternatives with other |devtools| commands, like just 
passing a single argument, but still get the same error

|args ='--compact-vignettes="gs+qpdf"'devtools::check_win_devel(args=args)|

I'm using devtools 2.2.0, under R 3.5.2

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