[Rd] missing binaries in R-devel windows snapshot 78175

Bravington, Mark (Data61, Hobart) M@rk@Br@v|ngton @end|ng |rom d@t@61@c@|ro@@u
Thu Apr 9 02:06:24 CEST 2020

The "r-devel snapshot build" 78175 on Windows--- a dot-exe installer--- seems to be missing a couple of files in its bin/i386 folder: Rterm.exe and Rgui.exe. Both are present in its bin/x64 folder (and in the i386 folder for current R).

NB the lack of i386/Rterm.exe affects even the x64 version, since package installation seems to use it for testing loadability under both architectures (at least on the one package that I tried to install).

I've got a feeling that I've noticed this with some previous R-devel, but never got round to reporting it before the official R version caught up.


Mark Bravington
CSIRO Marine Lab

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