[Rd] Read.Spss use $variable.labels as attributes instead of read/write.dta's $var.labels

Ellie Chen chen5139 @end|ng |rom umn@edu
Thu Apr 16 19:35:41 CEST 2020


I notice that read.spss store variables' labels into df's attributes
as $variable.labels, while write.dta read df's attribute $var.labels as
variable labels. This becomes a problem when I try to convert a bulk of
SPSS's por files into STATA's dta format using these commands. The data
were successfully imported but write.dta couldn't read variable labels due
to the inconsistency. This problem is solved after adding $var.labels into
df's attributes.

I think it will be great if write.dta can read either $var.labels or
$variable.labels as variable labels. What do you think?


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