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Fri Mar 6 15:52:29 CET 2020

> On Mar 6, 2020, at 9:17 AM, brodie gaslam via R-devel <r-devel using r-project.org> wrote:
>> On Friday, March 6, 2020, 8:56:54 AM EST, Martin Maechler <maechler using stat.math.ethz.ch> wrote: 
>> Note that the  * -> LaTex -> PDF rendered version looks a bitnicer.
> Ah yes, that does indeed look quite a bit nicer.
>> I wrote the function and that help page originally.
> And thank you for doing so. It is a wonderful function.
> (0 sarcasm here).
>> For that reason, replacing the well defined precise
>> inequality-based definition by *much* less precise English prosa
>> is out of the question.
> I figured that might be an issue.  Would you be open to 
> providing a prose translation, but putting that in the 
> details? If so, it would be useful to get feedback on 
> what parts of the prose I proposed are imprecise enough 
> to be incorrect/incomplete for some corner case.
> Finally, would it make sense to move this discussion to
> bugzilla?
> Best,
> Brodie.


Just to put forth an alternative to modifying the existing, precise content that Martin wrote, in many cases, that content can be reasonably supplemented by the addition of specific examples and perhaps concise comments, that demonstrate what, otherwise, may be surprising behavior.

If Brodie can construct one or more such examples that might provide additional insights, then perhaps they can be considered for inclusion in the help file, such that meeting both goals of not compromising the language that Martin has contributed, while expanding comprehension, can be achieved.


Marc Schwartz

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