[Rd] Inconsistant result for normalizePath on Windows

Wang Jiefei @zwj|08 @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Mar 23 16:39:52 CET 2020

Hi all,

I saw a quite surprising result in the devel R when using the function
*normalizePath*. If the input is a path to a folder, the function returns
an absolute path with/without a slash at the end depending on the existence
of the folder. I know both results are valid on Windows but this behavior
is different than R3.6, I do not know if the change in the devel version is
made on purpose. Here is a minimal example, suppose that the folder
`C:/windows1/` does not exist.

  > normalizePath("C:/windows/", mustWork = FALSE)
[1] "C:\\Windows"
> normalizePath("C:/windows1/", mustWork = FALSE)
[1] "C:\\windows1\\"

In R 3.6, the return value always ends with a slash if the input ends with
a slash. From the NEWS file, It seems like there are some changes to
*normalizePath* but none of them should be relevant, it might be an
unintentional result introduced by the update.


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