[Rd] [External] Feature Request: User Prompt + Message First Execution when "Managing Search Path Conflicts"

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Thu May 21 00:37:52 CEST 2020

Providing a way to more easily resolve situations that otherwise would
be errors is a reasonable thing for an IDE to do. I would prefer is
such things were optional and off by default, but other way not.

If an IDE does this and you don't approve then you don't have to use



On Wed, 20 May 2020, Abby Spurdle wrote:

>> An IDE could provide a more sophisticated interface, like a dialog
>> allowing separate choices for each conflict. But this is best left up
>> to the IDE or the user.
> An IDE (or other user interface) should not alter the behavior of R,
> especially the installing/loading/attaching of packages.
> There are some possible exceptions:
> (1) The global option for width.
> (2) Output that would normally appear in a separate window.
> (3) Maybe others...
> But only as non-defaults, with consent from the user.
> Also, while exception (2) may have an intuitive appeal, it's risky business...

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