[Rd] Bundling MathJax

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Tue Mar 15 11:44:17 CET 2022

Hi Ivan,

I would say the biggest impact is in terms of the size of the installed package (~4MB versus ~2.9MB). Of course, these days this is a trivial difference in terms of storage. The decrease in load and execution time is probably negligible (esp. when MathJax is served locally), but I haven't done any proper benchmarks on this.

Note that mathjaxr only minifies when the (suggested) 'js' package is installed, so this step is completely optional.


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>> The file used for display is usually a minified version of the
>> MathJax source, and Debian didn't consider it close enough to source
>> code to want to distribute it as FOSS.  So if the minified file is
>> included with R, the original source should also be included.
>Pardon my ignorance, but how much does it matter whether the file is
>minified when the documentation is served over a local network? Does
>JavaScript minification speed up parsing or involve other
>transformations without which it would be hard or impossible to run the
>code in the browser?
>Best regards,

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