[R] Installation problems under windows NT

Joerg Wegner wegnerj at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Jun 29 09:25:56 CEST 2001


i' ve installed the binary distribution 1.2.3 without any problem, BUT
then i've tried to install the multiv package.

1. pure cygwin or the rtools, perl and mingw doesn't work. (The download
paths for perl and WinHelp in the file readme.packages are'nt correct).
    WinHELP is not available, can you recommend a dowload adress ?

2. Although there is  the same problem with .chm-files in the FAQ
reported, i've the same problem.
In .../src/gnuwin32/Makefile are the lines
WINHELP = NO # Use one of NO, CHM, BOTH (chm and winhelp)
However the Makefile reports the error that there is no multiv.chm file
available, o.k. so i tried
rcmd INSTALL -docs=no multiv
it doesn't work. Then i  documented the following lines in the Makefile
#ifeq ($(strip $(HELP)),YES)
#ifeq ($(strip $(WINHELP)),CHM)
# $(MAKE) -C ./help RHOME=$(RHOME) PKGDIR=$(PKGD) RLIB=$(RLIB) chm-$*
#ifeq ($(strip $(WINHELP)),BOTH)
# $(MAKE) -C ./help RHOME=$(RHOME) PKGDIR=$(PKGD) RLIB=$(RLIB) winhlp-$*
# also makes chm
That work's ...

3. Now theoretically the directory multiv was correctly created in the
.../library path ... but the function pca() can be still not found.
The function help(pca) after link.html.help() reports that the requested
function doesn't exist.
The R_HOME and the R_LIBS(R_LIB, RLIB) environment varible are correctly
initialized !

4. I've tried the package.install() command, but the function doesn't
    I've tried the binary package distribution, but it told me that
there are no man pages available.
    I've tried to use the source package distribution, but there i have
the problems with the multiv.chm file. (WinHELP not available !)
    Then i skipped the tutorial installation, BUT the packages arent't
installed correctly, although rcmd check multiv reports no errors ???

So ... where did i make the mistake ???
I give up ....

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