[R] Library Tcltk works , but SJava ? (Windows 2000)

Christian Schulz c.schulz at metrinomics.de
Fri May 31 12:27:44 CEST 2002

My Recommendation for Win2000  - copy this
row in your    \rw1051\etc\Rprofile    


But how this work in  analogy for Sjava is for me a mystery (Win 2000).
It would be very nice when a R/Java expert have a suggestion how i must 
in detail
set the Sys.putenv   and  jdk !?

Thanks for advance & regards,Christian


ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk wrote:

>1) You appear to be working on Windows, but failed to say so.
>2) Your first question is answered in both the rw-FAQ *and* the README, so
>I presume you have not read them (although you quote a non-existent
>`Win-FAQ').  Please do so, completely and carefully.
>3) Your second question is covered by the demos in package tcltk (and that
>is covered in the documentation mentioned above).
>On Fri, 31 May 2002 tlorino at vet-alfort.fr wrote:
>>I have installed ActiveTcl (in F:\Tcl), and I have modified the PATH (in the
>>autoexec.bat file):
>>set R_LIBS=F:\R\rw1050\library
>>set PATH=%PATH%;F:\Tcl\bin
>>set PATH=%PATH%;F:\Tcl\lib
>>set PATH=%PATH%;F:\R\rw1050\bin
>>(I'm working with W2000, but the autoexec.bat is active: I could be sure of
>>this fact because changes in the autoexec.bat are taken into account, for
>>example variables for Latex as: set TEX=latex)
>>As written in the Win-FAQ of R, when I enter Sys.getenv("PATH"), I can read:
>>"F:\\Program Files\\TeXLive\\bin\\win32;C:\\Ghostgum\\gsview;c:\\jdk1.3\\bin;F:\\Tcl\\bin;F:\\Tcl\\lib"
>>so Tcl seems to be in my PATH...
>>After that, when I load the Tcltk library, I have this error message:
>>Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) :
>>        TCL_LIBRARY is not set
>>Error in library(tcltk) : .First.lib failed
>>Is that a problem of the Tcl package installation? What is wrong?
>Failure to read the rest of the paragraph in rw-FAQ ....
>>Another question: has anybody some example of things realized with
>>Tcltk and R?

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