[R] Re: FW: Contour v Contourplot

Mark Myatt mark at myatt.demon.co.uk
Fri May 31 13:56:52 CEST 2002


You write:

>> Using x,y, and z variables in the enclosed test.RData, the command
>> contour(x,y,z)
>> produces a lovely 2D plot, whereas
>> contourplot(z~x*y)
>> produces the error..
>> Error in if (lim[1] > lim[2]) stop("Improper value of limit") : 
>>         missing value where logical needed
>> Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks..

Well this took a bit of thought as I am not familiar with lattice. Gave
me the prod I needed to look at it and it was well worth the look.

The lattice functions seem want to have a data.frame rather than a list
of vectors. It doesn't say that in the docs (not that I found but I
didn't look far) so I did:

        phils.data <- expand.grid(x = x, y = y)
        phils.data$z <- z
        contourplot(z ~ x * y, data = phils.data)

And it worked. The trick is to use expand.grid() to create data.frame
containing one row for each combination x and y and then add z to that.
I think that is what you want.



Before plots to get rid of the grey background ... better, IMHO)

I think the problem posting to R-Help might be down to your sending an

Best wishes,


Mark Myatt

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