[R] R and RMySQL - segmentation fault

Matthew.Kelly@csiro.au Matthew.Kelly at csiro.au
Fri Aug 8 03:25:37 CEST 2003


I have the same problem and have attempted to look through the list and find a reply with the answer but could not seem to find one.

My problem seems slightly more confusing. If I and running R as root, the following works

> library(RMySQL)
> m <- dbDriver("MySQL")
> con <- dbConnect(m,host="acomputer",dbname="atable",user="au_ser",password="a_password")
> rs <- dbSendQuery(con,statement="select * from flock")
> data <- fetch(rs,n=-1)

If I run the same code as a normal user the following line fails with a segmentation fault
con <- dbConnect(m,host="acomputer",dbname="atable",user="au_ser",password="a_password")

I have the following relevant software installed
  MySql 3.23.32 
  RMySQL 0.5.2
Redhat 7.0

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