[R] who to rbind of a list of data.frames

lutz.thieme@amd.com lutz.thieme at amd.com
Tue Aug 12 09:37:23 CEST 2003

Hello everybody,

could anybody give me a hint, who I can use rbind on a list of data.frames, please?

I have a list with a large number of data.frames of the same structure, like:
LIST	<- list(X1=data.frame(a=1,b=2), X2=data.frame(a=3,b=4), X3=data.frame(a=5,b=6), ...., XN=data.frame(a=i,b=k))

I would like to bind all data.frames very fast to a single data.frame, something like that:
DF	<- rbind(LIST$X1, LIST$X2, LIST$X3, ..., LIST$XN)

But for performance (speed) reasons I won't use a loop. I also couldn't find a solution how 
I could use lapply. One constraint is, that the number of data.frames in the list is not determined 
and can vary from one to more than thousand. 
Any help is apreciated, thank you in advance.

	Kind regards,


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