[R] Resampling Methods: An Introduction, Using R (online seminar)

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 From Sept. 25  Oct. 23, Dr. Philip Good, a former traveling lecturer for 
the American Statistical Association, will be giving an online seminar on 
practical applications of the bootstrap and permutation tests. During this 
4-week internet seminar, hosted by statistics.com, participants will do 
interval estimation, one- , two- and k-sample comparisons, correlation, and 
a number of other most-powerful exact statistical procedures. The goal of 
the course is to give participants the confidence and tools necessary for 
the practice of statistics in their own research and in interpreting the 
research of others.

Participants will interact with the instructor and fellow students via an 
online bulletin board throughout the seminar, on their own 
schedule.   Aside from this threaded discussion board, no special computer 
or internet capabilities (e.g. video or net conferencing) are 
required.  The seminar should take 5-10 hours per week, arranged at 
participants' own convenience.
Students are encouraged to submit their own findings for possible discussion.

The instructor, Dr. Phillip Good, is the author of "Resampling Methods" 
(Birkhauser, 2nd ed, 2001), as well as "Permutation Tests" (Springer, 2nd 
ed, 2000), the forthcoming "Common Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid 
Them)" (Wiley, 2003 with James Hardin), "Manager's Guide to
Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials" (Wiley, 2002), and "Applying 
Statistics in the Courtroom" (CRC, 2001).

The course includes examples in R software. For more details, or to sign 
up, visit  http://www.statistics.com/content/courses.html

P. Bruce

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