[R] Any interest in commercial add-on libraries based on Cytel's StatXact/LogXact?

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Mon Aug 18 03:50:01 CEST 2003

At JSM, I spent a bit of time with old friends at the Cytel booth
(makers of StatXact/LogXact).  They were wondering whether it was both
feasible and of interest to create a package of the StatXact compute
engine for R (to be commercially licensed, not for free!), similar to
what they've done for SAS.

As far as I know, it's feasible,

   (this is not the first commercial external package, for those of
    you about to scream "no, we can't allow commercial libraries!"; in
    fact, you'd probably have to fork the R codebase if you truly
    insist on that.  For example,CSIRO's Spot package for R,

and so that remaining question is whether there would be sufficient
interest for them to continue exploring the possibility from a
financial perspective.

Since it's not really on-topic for discussion on this mailing list, if
you are interested and would imagine purchasing a license, please send
mail to Pralay Senchaudhuri, pralay AT cytel.com.  I'd imagine that
the licensing fees would be similar to those charged for SAS or the
standalone windows versions, but that is only my conjecture, and not

(Truth in Advertising: my main interest is to make it easier to use
their software for my work in clinical trials protocol design; I
currently access their implementation through SAS.  Also, while I am
not currently involved with Cytel in any way (nor will be in the
foreseeable future), I did spend part of 2 months editing and
validating the examples from an early version of the LogXact manual as
a grad student around 12 years ago, and have a number of good friends
who still work there).


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