[R] automatic logging of commands

David R. Bickel dbickel at mcg.edu
Thu Aug 21 20:59:59 CEST 2003

Prof. Ripley,

Thank you for directing me to savehistory; that is what I needed. Apple's
Darwin OS is derived from BSD UNIX, but it is not certified by SCO. I found
a way to redirect all R standard input and output to a file with this
command from a UNIX terminal:

/usr/local/bin/R | tee filename.txt

Unlike savehistory, that will not work on non-UNIX systems.


On 8/21/03 1:52p, "Prof Brian Ripley" <ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

> All commands are logged in the history file, if your `UNIX' (is that
> really a certified UNIX?) version of R supports history files.
> See e.g. ?savehistory.
> On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, David R. Bickel wrote:
>> Is there an R function that automatically writes all input and output to a
>> file? I would at least like it to log all the commands I enter, and to
>> preferably also write the standard output to the file as well as to the
>> screen. (The ideal would be to write the input to one file and both the
>> input and output to another file.) I tried R2HTML for this, but I could not
>> get it to work consistently.
>> I am using a UNIX version of R:
>>> version
>>          _      
>> platform powerpc-apple-darwin6.6
>> arch     powerpc
>> os       darwin6.6
>> system   powerpc, darwin6.6
>> status   Patched
>> major    1      
>> minor    7.1    
>> year     2003   
>> month    06     
>> day      21     
>> language R      


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