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A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
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Duncan Murdoch <dmurdoch at pair.com> writes:

> Most reasonably new laptops allow the display to show in both places.
> (There may be limitations on the resolution to accommodate this.)  

Nearly any modern Windows laptop should be able to "dual head" (the
LCD and the display panel/projector, as "adjacent" screens).

> The original question was about showing different things on each
> monitor:  the console visible to the speaker, and graphics visible to
> the audience.  I don't know of any PC laptops that do this, but I
> think some Macs can.  At least that was my interpretation of a minor
> flap before a presentation at UWO where the projector showed the
> desktop and the laptop screen showed the stuff the audience was
> supposed to see.

PC laptops definitely can, even under XFree86/Linux.  (i.e. have the left
portion of the "display" be on the LCD, the right portion on the
external video-out (connected to a projector/display panel).

It is easier to do this on Mac, of course.

(it's useful for having notes on the LCD, while the presentation is on
the projector, for example).

For desktops, you can use 2 video cards (in which case one would
usually be a PCI-based, and the other AGP, so the quality may be
unequal), but many of the intermediate/expensive video cards ($90US
and up, i.e. Radeon 9000) have dual outputs; for about $130 and up,
you can actually find dual digitial outputs, which are very nice if
you've got digital capable LCD monitors.

(or want to do stereoscopic displays, which is why I care...).


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