[R] Newbie graphing questions

Andrew C. Ward s195404 at student.uq.edu.au
Thu Aug 28 01:26:33 CEST 2003

Dear Francisco,

1. Have a look at ?Devices which (under Windows at least)
   lists a range of devices you can open before and
   between plots.
2. Use par(ask=TRUE) before you start your plots
3. Christophe Declercq provided an excellent example on this
   mailing list, under the topic "curves with shaded areas".
   Search for that in the archives.


Andrew C. Ward

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Quoting "Francisco J. Bido" <bido at mac.com>:

> Hi everyone.  R is new to me and I'm very impressed with
> its 
> capabilities but still cannot figure out how to do some
> basic things.  
> There seems to be no lack of documentation but finding
> what I need has 
> proven difficult.  Perhaps you can help.
> Here's what I'm after:
> 1.  How do I create a new plot without erasing the prior
> one i.e., have 
> a new window pop up with the new graph? I'm on MacOSX
> using the Carbon 
> port.
> 2.  How do I pause between plot renderings i.e., in such
> a way that it 
> will draw the subsequent graph after pressing the space
> bar (or any 
> other key).
> 3.  Illustrating critical regions.  Say I wanted to
> illustrate the 
> critical region of a standard normal.  I would need to
> draw a vertical 
> line from the critical point to the curve and then shade
> the critical 
> region.  How do I do this in R?
> Thanks!
> -Francisco
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