[R] openMosix and R: File I/O issues?

Jim Thomas james at staarfunds.com
Tue Apr 20 17:16:21 CEST 2004

Hi there,

We're attempting to run an LVQ analysis over a cluster of machines via R 
and openMosix.  R spawns several child processes simply by writing 
commands to several files and using system() to start a slave process. 
 The processes migrate perfectly, and often finish with no reported 
errors, writing their results into respective files for the parent 
process to piece together.  However, occasionally we have had the 
problem that the results from a child process never make it into a file. 
 The process finishes, and exits, with no errors - but the file never 
turns up.  Repeated tests with the same data have shown that the 
specific process that dies is random, and stress tests of R I/O have 
shown that there are no issues there.  Does anyone know of I/O issues 
with openMosix, either specifically related to R or not?

openMosix kernel 2.4.21
R 1.8.1
RedHat Enterprise Edition


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