[R] Kendall, cor.test, ties, why?

btom@passagen.se btom at passagen.se
Wed Apr 21 15:22:42 CEST 2004

I can't figure out why it is not possible to compute an exact p-value in
cor.test if there are ties between values in one of the arrays like below:
cor.test(c(1,2,2), c(5,6,7), method="k", alternative="two.sided").

Perhaps this is due to my lack of understanding of what is ment by p-value
in this case. To me it seems reasonable that the p-value above should be
the number of permutations, normalized by the total number of permutations,
of one of the arrays that together with the other (unpermuted) array produce
a higer (or equal) absolute tau than than that of the original permutation.
I would be most greatful if someone cold help me understand the p-value


Skicka gratis SMS!

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