[R] basic questions: any place for them

Paul Lemmens P.Lemmens at nici.kun.nl
Wed Aug 4 08:10:41 CEST 2004

Hoi Tiago,

--On dinsdag 3 augustus 2004 18:50 +0100 Tiago R Magalhaes 
<tiago17 at socrates.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:

> Once again I'm sorry for these basic questions and since predictably
> I'll have more of those if there's a basic-questions-list I would
> love to know more about it
Recently we discussed, on this list, that several online communities have 
dedicated discussion groups for R. One of them is Orkut.com. The name of 
the other one slips my mind, but if you search the archives for my name and 
orkut, then you'll probably find those emails quickly.


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