[R] Order of messgaes/ missing messages

Jim Brennan jfbrennan at rogers.com
Thu Aug 5 02:06:14 CEST 2004

Thanks for the answers. It is interesting. I had thought everything would go
to a central server and then be sent out in order from there, but I guess I
just don't get the topology of the web. :-)
 I think there may be other issues though, since sometimes there are very
long, what seem like random, delays.
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> It has to do with the topology of the web - if you are web-wise closer to
> the responder than the original sender you can receive the answer before
> question - even if both answer and question go only to the list.
> I learned this suscribed to SAS-L when I was at UF - I was downstream from
> Bob Hamer (then at VCU) who, at the time, seemed to answer many of the
> questions on SAS-L.  He would get the questions quickly because at VCU he
> was (web-wise) close to a source of sending - I would always get his
> responses before the original question because he was my nearest neighbor
> the web - after he moved to Rutgers the whole phenomenon stopped  (and if
> recall John Williams became primary answerer).
> I wondered how long it would take before someone on this list asked about
> it.  I see the answer before question phenomenon on this list quite
> and for me it is often Spencer Graves' answer I see first - like this one
> Bob
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>       Might this depend on whether someone responds to all or only to
> the list?  If one responds to all, then the originator should receive 2
> copies, If s/he subscribes to the list.  The copy via the list is often
> delayed hours by the listserve.  Might this explain the issue?  spencer
> graves
> Jim Brennan wrote:
> >I am curious as to why I quite often receive responses to questions on
> >the help before receiving the actual question.
> > For example Mr Graves has responded to Mr Lumley's response to Mr
> yet I  ave not received Mr. Lumley's post while I have received the other
> two.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> >Jim
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