[R] (REPOST) Simple main effects in 2-way repeated measure ANOVA

Giuseppe Pagnoni gpagnon at emory.edu
Sun Aug 8 23:00:41 CEST 2004

Hi all

I am running a 2-way repeated measure anova with 1 between-subjects 
factor (Group=treatment, control), and 1 within-subject factor (Time of 
measurement: time1, time2).  I extract the results of the anova with:

summary(aov(effect ~ Group*Time + Error=Subj/Time, data=mydata))

Now, this must be clearly a dumb question, but how can I quickly 
extract in R all the post-hoc t-tests for the simple main effects?

Also, while I am at it, how do I enter in the model a counfounding 
covariate (e.g., Age)?

And on a different matter, is there a way to receive interactive user 
input in an R script? Something like "Enter the name of  the factor:  
", or even more simply "Press <Enter> to see the result of the next 

thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Giuseppe Pagnoni
Dept. Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Emory University
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