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Trenkler, Dietrich dtrenkler at nts6.oec.uni-osnabrueck.de
Thu Aug 19 12:29:32 CEST 2004

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> Hello,
> is there a packet that supports the Erlang distribution?
> I want to use this distribution for tests against empirical data. Thus, is
> there a packet that also supports "fitdistr" (Maximum-likelihood fitting)
> for this distribution?
	[Dietrich Trenkler]  Hi Nils,

	you do not need a special package because the Erlang is a special
gamma distribution.
	For instance

	"derlang" <- function(x, k, l = 1) {
	    f <- dgamma(x, k, l)

	delivers the density of the Erlang(k,1) distribution.


	D. Trenkler

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