[R] Use Font Frutiger in PDF-File

Helga Neidlinger helga.neidlinger at zkrd.de
Thu Aug 19 13:26:41 CEST 2004


I'd like to use the font "Frutiger" in my pdf files generated by R. 
but I only manage this if I create a postscript file with 
postscript() and the option family = c( "LT_14361.afm", 
"LT_14363.afm", "LT_14373.afm", "LT_14375.afm" ) and convert this 
postscript file to pdf.
If I specify the option 'family' like above ( = c("...afm", ..., ... 
... ) ) in the function pdf(), I'll get the error message: 
"length(family)' differs between new and previous!".

Can I specify 'family' in pdf() only as "Helvetica" etc. and not as a 
vector (like above) ?
Is there no better and shorter way to get my favourite font into a 
pdf file?

Helga Neidlinger
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