[R] rgdal under windows?

Barry Rowlingson B.Rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Aug 20 10:53:27 CEST 2004

Roger Bivand wrote:

>>>Has anyone had any joy getting the rgdal package to compile under windows?

> Exactly. The closest anyone has got so far is Hisaji Ono, who used MSYS 
> (http://www.mingw.org/) to build PROJ.4 and GDAL (GDAL depends on PROJ.4, 
> PROJ.4 needs a PATH to metadata files for projection and transformation), 
> and then hand-pasted the paths to the GDAL headers and library into 
> src/Makevars, running Rcmd INSTALL rgdal at the Windows command prompt as 
> usual. All of this can be repeated, but is not portable, and does not suit 
> the very valuable standard binary package build system for Windows. 
> Roughly:

> [points 1 to 5 etc omitted]

  At some point the complexity of installing things like this for 
Windows will cross the complexity of installing Linux...


PS excepting live-Linux installs like Knoppix.

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