[R] paired t-test vs pairwise t-test

Berton Gunter gunter.berton at gene.com
Fri Aug 20 23:16:03 CEST 2004

The fact is that, while certainly desirable,  it is very difficult and
time-consuming to write the sort of extensively exampled, instructional Help
files that you desire. Given the voluntary nature of R authors/developers, the
Help files as they exist are remarkable, while still admittedly being uneven. SAS
charges all that money and sells all those manuals for a reason: the revenue
stream allows them to employ an army of documenters to presumably do the sorts of
things you'd like. If that's really important to you -- and this is no criticism
-- you should pay the money and use SAS. Those of us who use R feel that it's
many strengths outweigh this weakness.

One addendum to this, already extensively discussed in this thread: There are
more and more extra R documentation and instructional sources (Peter Dalgaard's
book being a recent example) that can help. Search the thread and CRAN for more.

-- Bert

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