[R] About passing parameter to '.R' script file

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You can do it indirectly e.g within a batch file.

a) set an envirovment variable (the path to the file)
b) access it from within you *.R script using ?Sys.getenv

Hope it helps.

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On 8/27/2004 at 4:36 PM Kishore, Tapake wrote:

>>>I am trying the 'R' application for generating the data for the uploaded
>>>'.gpr' file. I have written script file named 'test.R'. Currently i have
>>>hardcoded the path of uploaded '.gpr' file in the script itself. 
>>>I would like to know how to pass a command line parameter to the
>>>'test.R' script file, so that i dont have to hardcode the path and
>>>filename of the '.gpr' files.
>>>Also, need to access these parameters inside the script file to use the
>>>path of the uploaded file.
>>>I am using below command to invoke the 'R' application by using the
>>>'test.R' script file.
>>>c:\\R\\rw1091\\bin\\R.exe CMD BATCH c:\\R\\rw1091\\bin\\test.R
>>>Expecting your suggestion on this.
>>>Thanks in advance.
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