[R] Re: packages

Barbara Bailey babailey at stat.uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 3 00:35:12 CET 2004


I am trying to make my own package of R functions, datasets and help 
files, which were originally in S and have been converted. As a Unix 
user, I am trying to make a package that installs on Windows and I am 
having some trouble. 

I have a zip file that seems to unzip fine, but I have to use the source 
command to make functions accessible.  

e.g. source("C:/Program Files/R/rw1081/library/slab/R/slab.q")

Is there a command that make happen? or is the .q extention causing trouble?

It turns out that the data() command works fine, but help files are not 
accessible either. 

Thanks for your help,
Barb Bailey

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