[R] Using huge datasets

Fabien Fivaz fabien.fivaz at unine.ch
Wed Feb 4 14:51:10 CET 2004


Here is what I want to do. I have a dataset containing 4.2 *million* 
rows and about 10 columns and want to do some statistics with it, mainly 
using it as a prediction set for GAM and GLM models. I tried to load it 
from a csv file but, after filling up memory and part of the swap (1 gb 
each), I get a segmentation fault and R stops. I use R under Linux. Here 
are my questions :

1) Has anyone ever tried to use such a big dataset?
2) Do you think that it would possible on a more powerfull machine, such 
as a cluster of computers?
3) Finaly, does R has some "memory limitation" or does it just depend on 
the machine I'm using?

Best wishes

Fabien Fivaz

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