[R] Histograms by two factors

Briggs, Meredith M Meredith.Briggs at team.telstra.com
Fri Feb 6 00:08:40 CET 2004


I am trying to print out means, STDs and histograms under two sets of factors. I can manage it for one set - see below but not for two  sets. That is, I want ot print out the mean STD and Histogram for each ITEM code within each DELIVERABLE code. In addition I can only get to view the histogram for the last item. How do you get R to stop overriding the histogram for eg  level 1 for factor 1 by level 2 of factor 1?



Indat <- read.table ("C:/testdata.txt",header=T)

B <- c(Indat[,1],Indat[,2],Indat[,3],Indat[,4],Indat[,5])
y <- Indat[,5]/Indat[,4]
DELIV <- Indat[,1]
ITEM <- Indat[,3]
Df1 <- factor(DELIV)
Df2 <- factor(ITEM)

d1 <- tapply(y,Df1, mean)
d2 <- tapply(y, Df1,sd)
d3 <- tapply(y, Df1,max)
d4 <- tapply(y, Df1,hist)


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