[R] Newbie help with calling R from C programs

Marko Krco marko at astro.cornell.edu
Sat Feb 7 17:45:16 CET 2004


I'm a new user of R (since yesterday) and I'd like to see if I can use it
in my codes. I often run large simulations which can take hours or days to
complete and I need a way of viewing how my data is evolving while the
simulation is running.

I figure I can output my temporary data into a file and then use the
system command in C to execute R with some command line parameters. Now is
there a way that I can order R to load in the data file, set some plotting
parameters, create a plot and exit? I'd like to be able to do it in such a
way that the only visible output is the plot display window and no input
is required of the user.

Any advice would be appreciated, or if you know of someplace this question
has been adressed before.

Thank you,
Marko Krco

P.S. I'll be doing this in Linux

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