[R] Can S-Plus packages be used in R without modification?

Alistair Campbell alistair.campbell at jcu.edu.au
Mon Feb 9 02:55:11 CET 2004


I have had a quick search to see whether this question has been
asked/answered before but haven't found anything directly related to it.

Basically, I am wondering if I can run the packages, developed by Shafer
for S-Plus, that allow multiple imputation of missing data - NORM, CAT,
MIX, and PAN.

If not, does anyone know if someone has done the modification that would
make these packages available in R?

And/or, does anyone know of other packages that facilitate multiple
imputation of missing data that can be run from R?


Alistair Campbell
School of Psychology
James Cook University
Townsville QLD AUST

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