[R] Can S-Plus packages be used in R without modification?

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Mon Feb 9 05:27:00 CET 2004

Dear Alistair,

All of Shafer's packages have been ported to R and are on CRAN. There are 
also some facilities for multiple imputation in the Hmisc package, and in 
the mice package -- not on CRAN, but available at 
<http://www.multiple-imputation.com/>. There are probably other multiple 
imputation facilities in R of which I'm unaware.

I hope that this helps,

At 11:55 AM 2/9/2004 +1000, Alistair Campbell wrote:
>I have had a quick search to see whether this question has been
>asked/answered before but haven't found anything directly related to it.
>Basically, I am wondering if I can run the packages, developed by Shafer
>for S-Plus, that allow multiple imputation of missing data - NORM, CAT,
>MIX, and PAN.
>If not, does anyone know if someone has done the modification that would
>make these packages available in R?
>And/or, does anyone know of other packages that facilitate multiple
>imputation of missing data that can be run from R?

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