[R] Invoking R from PHP/Mysql environment

Paul Murrell p.murrell at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Feb 10 21:49:50 CET 2004


VERSRJ at inel.gov wrote:
> We have a setup in which we use PHP (with Geeklog as a CMS) as a front end
> to MySQL. We plan to use R for offering user driven and automated
> statistical analysis of some of the data we obtain. We'll be using the R 
> interface
> to the MySQL database from omegahat (www.omegahat.org) for getting
> the data out of the database, but we were wondering if somebody tackled
> the problem of how to integrate R nicely with PHP.
> Specifically, we know how to get R to run as a system command from PHP, 
> but
> ideally we'd like to call R as a PHP function. If somebody did this we'd 
> like
> to have some pointers as to how they did it If not, we'll probably do it 
> ourselves
> and post the results

You might want to take a look at R-php (http://dssm.unipa.it/R-php/) and 
R_PHP_Online (http://steve-chen.net/R_PHP/).

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