[R] Invoking R from PHP/Mysql environment

Joe Conway mail at joeconway.com
Wed Feb 11 00:15:44 CET 2004

VERSRJ at inel.gov wrote:
> We have a setup in which we use PHP (with Geeklog as a CMS) as a
> front end to MySQL. We plan to use R for offering user driven and
> automated statistical analysis of some of the data we obtain. We'll
> be using the R interface to the MySQL database from omegahat
> (www.omegahat.org) for getting the data out of the database, but we
> were wondering if somebody tackled the problem of how to integrate R
> nicely with PHP.

If you can use Postgres instead of MySQL, see:
Page 23 has an example PHP code snippet. Very simple because most of the 
work is done in the PL/R function.


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