[R] source() function and crash of R!

Graciliano M. P. gmpowers at terra.com.br
Sun Feb 15 10:22:17 CET 2004

> Do read the posting guide.
> I bet you get an error message, not a crash, and that you are running R in
> non-interactive mode: not that you have told us what you are doing in any
> detail.

No, actually the R interpreter goes out, like if the process was killed!

Note that if we open R and type a code with an invalid syntax, R will just
alert with some error msg. But when loaded with source(), this code makes
the interpreter quit.

> ...you are running R in non-interactive mode...

What you mean with "non-interactive mode"?

I'm running it from console. On Win32 Rterm, and linux just R. Here's the
command to start it on Linux:

  $> R --slave --vanilla --gui=none <bridge.r >output.log

Graciliano M. P.

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