[R] Beginner's question about t.test()

Pramote Khuwijitjaru kmote at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 05:59:23 CET 2004

>From: Rolf Turner <rolf at math.unb.ca>
>To: kmote at hotmail.com
>CC: r-help at stat.math.ethz.ch
>Subject: Re: [R] Beginner's question about t.test()
>Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:23:26 -0400 (AST)
>(a) You don't really need/want to look at t.test.default; your own
>code --- to do t tests based on summary statistics rather than data
>--- will have little or nothing to do with the code in
>t.test.default.  Just write code to do the t test ``as if you were
>doing it by hand'' which is very simple and straightforward.
>(b) The reason that you can't ``see'' the t.test.default code is the
>namespace business on which I recently wrote a perhaps ill-advised
>rant to this list.
>It was gently pointed out to me that the namespace idea certainly
>does have its uses and advantages.  It was also pointed out that you
>CAN get at functions which are ``hidden away'' by the namespace
>mechanism.  Three ways (of which I was kindly informed by Andy Liaw
>and Duncan Murdoch) are:
>	> ctest:::t.test.default
>	> getAnywhere("t.test.default")
>	> getS3method("t.test","default")
>Hope this helps.
>					cheers,
>						Rolf Turner
>						rolf at math.unb.ca

You are right, I really don't want to correct the function code because it 
seems too complex for me to understand it right now.   :)

Thanks for advice how to see the code.


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