[R] Maximum likelihood estimation in R

Rau, Roland Rau at demogr.mpg.de
Mon Feb 16 10:22:38 CET 2004


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> Hello,
> Use
> > x=rnorm(100, mean=3, sd=1)
> > library(MASS)
> >fitdistr(x, "normal")
>       mean          sd    
>   2.93666631   0.99673982 
>  (0.09967398) (0.07048015)
	For me, this example does not work. As it looks like copy+paste, I
guess this something platform dependent? At least I have to specify some
starting values as shown below. But maybe I did something wrong?

	(I am using at the moment R 1.8.1 on WinNT)

	> x=rnorm(100, mean=3, sd=1)
	> library(MASS)
	> fitdistr(x, "normal")
	Error in fitdistr(x, "normal") : 'start' must be a named list
	> fitdistr(x, "normal", start=list(mean=1, sd=0.4))
	      mean          sd    
	  3.03167815   1.06637851 
	 (0.10663786) (0.07539617)

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