[R] parse error in GLMM function

CENDOYA, Gabriela gcendoya at balcarce.inta.gov.ar
Wed Feb 18 14:55:12 CET 2004

"Douglas Bates" write:

>"CENDOYA, Gabriela" <gcendoya at balcarce.inta.gov.ar> writes:
>I'm trying to use the function GLMM from lme4 package, (R-1.8.1, Windows
>> 98),and I get the following error:
> > pd5 = GLMM(nplant~sitio+
>> + fert+
>> + remo+
>> + sitio:fert+
>> + remo:sitio+
>> + remo:fert+
>> + remo:fert:sitio
>> + data=datos,
>> + family=binomial,
>> + random=~repe:sitio)
>> Error in parse(file, n, text, prompt) : parse error

>Could you tell us the version of the lme4 package please?

lme4  version: 0.4-7

 About the "optional data frame" I didn’t want to sound "picky", I just
mention it because I thought it could be related to the other problem.
 In fact, I am really amazed about how good, complete and clear are the help
pages in R.
Thanks again

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