[R] Re: R for economists

Thomas Petzoldt thpe at hhbio.wasser.tu-dresden.de
Thu Feb 19 17:12:37 CET 2004

Arne Henningsen wrote:

> Hi,
> I did not find any web page about using R in economics and econometrics so 
> far. However, this does not mean that there is none (searching with google 
> for "R" and "economics" gives many pages about economics and a name like 
> Firstname R. Lastname on it ;-)). 
> Does anybody in the list does know such a web page?
> If not, I will be happy if you, Ajay, could build and maintaine one.

You can simply search for "econometrics" and "r-project" and you will 
find something.

Thomas P.

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