[R] R: Including R plots in a Microsoft Word document

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Fri Feb 20 17:33:42 CET 2004

Dear Mahmoud,

There are several ways to do this. I find the following the simplest: Right 
click on the graphics-device window in R and select "Copy as metafile" from 
the pop-up menu. Then right-click in the Word document where you want the 
graph to appear and select "Paste."

Perhaps if you could indicate what trouble you're experiencing, there would 
be something more to say.

That's it.

At 05:54 PM 2/20/2004 +0200, Mahmoud K. Okasha wrote:
>Greetings List,
>I am conducting some large simulations using R. As a result, I get many 
>plots but I'm having some trouble with including some of them in a 
>Microsoft Word document. Can any one tell me the easiest method of having 
>copies of the R-graphs in the Word documents?

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